Domain was registered on the 11th October 2009 via and is hosted by is my fanlisting collective domain, and host the fanlistings that I run as well as any other fandom websites I run.

History was original my other domain, however the company that was registered with was sold and the renewal price of a .nu domain with the other company was far too expensive. Therefore, I had no choice but to buy a new domain to host my fanlisting collective.
My collective had initially moved to my other domain but for reasons I decided to move my collective to this domain.

The Name

Orginally, I had planned for my other domain to act as my fanlisting (and moved my fanlistings over there), however, I felt the same was too downbeat for something that I am a fan of, hense why I wanted a more passionate and firey name. I also wanted another .me domain and after endless searching the dictionary and registry I found a name I liked and was not taken.
Finding a name that wasn’t registered or listed as a premium domain was hard. Mostly all personal type names had been taken or were listed as a premium domain and thus could only be bought via auction. So, I went through a list of words that describe me and in the end I went with Ardor.

According to the, ardor means:

1. Great warmth of feeling; fervor; passion
2. Intense devotion, eagerness, or enthusiasm; zeal.
3. Burning heat.
I thought it was a good word to describe something I am a fan off.
I also decided to not go with the British spelling version as I wanted to keep the name as short as I could.

Past Layout

These are some past layouts, including and
version 1 Version 2 Version 3 Version 4 Version 5 Version 6


Brushes are from here. Textures are from here and here. Script used Enthusiast 3. KIM script used BellaBuffs (thanks for the help modifying it Annie.) Other scripts by Fav Icon is from .


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